Rio de Janeiro Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG)
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(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The second-biggest city in the whole of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is often affectionately referred to as simply 'Rio' and is home to a population of more than six million inhabitants. Most famous for its colourful carnivals, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to soak up the sun and features many spectacular sandy beaches. Rio de Janeiro is split into four main zones, downtown, north, south and west.

Within the outer-lying north-eastern suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, the Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) dates back to 1952. Located on Governador Island, in the beautiful Bay of Guanabara, the airport is known more often as Galeão International Airport and regularly serves about 15 million passengers annually.

Rio de Janeiro Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) Maps: Important City Districts

Each year huge numbers of people fly into Rio de Janeiro for the coastline alone and one of the most popular beaches is Copacabana, which stretches for around 6 km / 4 miles. Nearby, Ipanema beach is also appealing and lined with many hotels and beachfront attractions, including restaurants aplenty. The beaches around Rio are especially suitable for water sports, including good surfing conditions in many areas.

The historic heart of the city is the 'Centro' district, and important area of finance. Brimming with an impressive collection of high-rise structures, downtown Rio de Janeiro contains many outstanding attractions, such as the National Arts Museum and the Municipal Theatre, amongst others. The Centro area is easy to get around and many points of interest are linked by brightly coloured trams.

Other notable districts around Rio include the Santa Teresa hillsides, the Lagoa area - where you will find many impressive restaurants and spectacular lake views, and Gávea area - with highlights including the City Park and also the outstanding botanical gardens.

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Brazil Map

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Rio de Janeiro Map

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